About PriceRoads

PriceRoads is a whole site dedicated to raising awareness of road pricing. Visit the blog for weekly updates. Browse the FAQ’s, interviews, writing, and animations—especially the animations, since I spent lots of time on them! Email priceroads@gmail.com with comments.

About Lewis

Lewis’ personal/professional site is <heylewis.com>. Here is his CV.

Lewis eating chicken and waffles.

]2 Lewis eating chicken and waffles.

He holds a B. Phil. in Math-Econ from U. of Pittsburgh, an MA in Transport Economics at U. of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies, and an MS in Transportation Engineering at UC Berkeley. He is now getting an the PhD in Transportation Engineering at UC Berkeley with Carlos Daganzo as his advisor. His research is in road pricing (duh).

He is also the creator of It’s a Thick Book, a documentary on the Alabama State Constitution.

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